Get Involved with your Passions on Campus

SNC offers a wide variety of intrest-based clubs for students

Celine Holland, Contributor

So now having a general concept of sustainability as a discipline, if you got a chance to read last week’s column, I take you forth to the concentration of societal sustainability. A concept which is constantly in my cravings for the realities that structure and function today’s “Green Movement.”  It’s an understanding of systems and the people that directly control our surroundings.  I can’t help but think what is the best way for us to analyze and measure the well being of a society? It is a question we should emphasize in our academics.

If we can start reshaping our society’s perception of growth, into a development towards resiliency, working from the inside out, then we can reach those controversies of sustainability: the costs of growth, impoverished nations, technology worship, education rights and accessibility.

What I think is critical to collectively living in this coming generation as students, is learning the tipping points and social movements of the past and present and how they will be the determinants of our next generation. A discussion of limits can frame sustainability, but what I question is if social limits will outweigh our biophysical ones?

This brings me to the story of Social Justice Alliance, a new SNC club that is trying to bring together students in learning about each other’s diverse lives and listening to what makes the SNC community unique. This is a space to open ourselves toward freedom from judgment or inequality and to enact positive initiatives for students and families of SNC and Incline Village to our greater Tahoe Community.

SOCIAL JUSTICE ALLIANCE will hold weekly meetings in an effort to align pride, veteran’s rights, social sustainability and student services on and off our beautiful campus. If you are at all interested you can always contact me at the email provided below or ask any Student Government Association (SGA) representative. I want students to understand how easy it is to be more involved on campus.

I would also offer you the opportunity to submit an application for Culinary Council or Green Council, both dedicated to students and what we want see on campus. The Culinary Council requires a dedication and passion for learning how to cook in the kitchen with the staff. We are trying to reconnect the great cafeteria staff with the students they feed, while offering particular opportunities to receive a food handler’s license to help clubs and students host events on campus more efficiently. Green Council gives members a hands on experience working toward progressive projects on campus such as consistent compost collection, the Walk to School Wednesday campaign, energy and food Awareness on campus and fundraising. 

It’s that simple. If you are passionate about any of these concentrations, do not hesitate to act!  You can contact me from what is provided below or you are more than welcome to browse our SGA website for all its great resources.