Getting full with an empty pocket

Lake Tahoe may feel expensive when considering restaurants, but in and around Incline Village are cheap options students can utilize for brain food.

Getting an education, homework and hanging out with friends often takes priority over feeding ourselves. Along with high tuition, rent and living in an expensive area, it may seem nearly impossible to grab a quick bite before, between or after classes. Luckily, Incline Village has some hidden gems where getting filled up is attainable for the college student.

Mountain High owner Ashley Brimm enjoys supporting SNC
Hannah Greene
Mountain High owner Ashley Brimm enjoys supporting SNC

If you’re around campus and see a sandwich piled high with fresh veggies, house smoked meat, and homemade bread, it’s probably one from Mountain High Sandwich Co. Favored by students and faculty, Mountain High offers a discount to college students, and owner Ashely Brimm honors happy hour prices on beer for students between 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“I like to get a cup of soup and a half of the turkey pesto avocado,” said Junior Mary Deutsch.

Some other favorites places of Deutsch’s are T’s Rotisserie and Lupidas. T’s is a rotisserie next to 7 Eleven with large burritos and quesadillas that all made with house cooked rotisserie meats, and everything is reasonably priced. Lupidas offers Mexican food at a cheap price with an a la carte menu located in the Village Shopping Center.

Other honorable mentions student’s like are IV Coffee Lab and Indu’s. They both offer a 10 percent student discount.

Local chefs provide good insights for deals available at more expensive locations.

“If you’re lookin’ for the best bang for your buck, I would say the ribs are a great choice, on the lighter side, the wedge salad is a must,” said Marshal Smith, chef at Bite American Tapas. When Smith is on a tight budget himself, he swears by The Nugget in Crystal Bay.

“My favorite place to eat when I don’t have money is The Nugget,” said Smith. “Sounds weird, but the five dollar pulled pork sandwich is at least two meals.”

Raley’s offers an extensive selection of grab­-and-­go items in their deli department. Of course, there is always going grocery shopping and making a quick sandwich to bring to school.