How to spend summer 2016 with SNC

Students enjoying Kyoto, temples and photo opportunities.

As students begin their summer plans for when the spring semester comes to a close, life will still be bustling on the campus of Sierra Nevada College. Classes continue through the summer, and several programs are offered for SNC students.

May 17, 2016 marks the start of the summer semester. Classes can be taken for up to 6 credits per semester. The cost is $60 per credit plus course fees and books.

While most students are off for summer adventures, Lizzie Thibodeau, director of student affairs and housing, is still busy at work keeping up with campus operations.

“Not all students understand that when they come back and ask how was summer, we’re working full time. We’re constantly going and going on campus”, said Thibodeau.

MidCore returns to SNC campus during June.  Middlebury College offers this program for students of all majors from the top liberal arts colleges and universities nationwide.

“We have a lot of groups that come during summer,” said Thibodeau. “In summer different groups come through and I more or less book the dorms like a hotel and run it on a check in check out basis. It definitely stays busy around here.”

Other programs on campus include a high school age lacrosse camp, a college preparation class that comes for two weeks with 40 kids each week, a new camp of little guys soccer and both the MFA creative writing program the MFA in Interdisciplinary Art.

As far as the art department, visiting artist workshops run throughout the entire summer. Courses are provided covering ceramic, travel, digital art, fine art, glass, painting, photography and sculpture topics. The courses range from three different price points at $225, $499.50 and $599.50.  They can be taken as a credited course for an additional $162.50.

Midcore Program

“The courses are open to the public and the artist that come here are nationally and internationally known, many of whom have books published about them,” said Fine Arts Chair Sheri Leigh O’Connor.

For more information on summer art workshops, students can visit and register online now.

Starting the same day as summer classes is the Travel Workshop trip to Japan from May 17 to June 1 led by O’Connor.

“We primarily explore the Kyushu region, and this year will be a little different than the previous two in that it is more focused on ceramics being that Japan has an amazingly rich history of ceramics,” said O’Connor. “Japan is over the top good!’

The trip is scheduled to visit ceramic studios, art galleries, art museums, and several hands on art workshops. The city of Kyoto will also be visited, where temples, castles, and rich history will be explored. The trip includes flights, hotels, and activities for a total of $4,500. Students can also choose to take the three credits for an additional $162.50. It is open to the public, allowing all students and guest to enjoy the beauty of Japan.

Another program for students interested in learning outside of the country is the South Africa Service Learning Trip from May 18 to June 5. The trip is geared to allowing students to have the experience of a lifetime. Students can earn up to 15 credits through service learning, which includes participating in community initiatives supporting toy libraries, food/herb gardens, AIDS orphan outreach, preschools and elementary schools.

As we get closer to summer more programs should appear, so look out for additional opportunities to keep your mind occupied during summer.