Spanish: Just speak it

SNC Fulbright foreign exchange student begins free conversational Spanish course for community

Photos by Jamie Wanzek Looking out over a Madrid, Spain neighborhood


The act of learning a foreign language not only broadens one’s dimensions of communication, it also strengthens listening skills and memory. According to the results of the Louisiana Report on foreign language “Students who have studied a foreign language develop greater cognitive skills in such areas as mental flexibility, creativity, divergent thinking and higher order thinking skills.”  

While SNC only offers 101 and 102 level Spanish and French courses, this semester Ana Carolina, a Fulbright foreign exchange teacher and student, is offering a free conversational Spanish class for all ages, Spanish: Just Speak It.

The purpose Carolina hopes to achieve is to provide a comfortable environment for students to practice and share their Spanish experiences.

“I am doing this because many people have taken Spanish classes but never get a chance to practice it and so they don’t lose it,” Carolina said.  “I spoke with many people and they said they needed this rather than grammar. They want to travel, they have learned and want to keep it up.”

“Spanish: Just Speak It is a great resource for learning a language. It is a fun, informal but effective hour of conversation with a native speaker. ” said Junior Francesa Curolo.

The conversational classes meet every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Patterson room 207.  The class is also welcome to the public and outside community of North Lake Tahoe.

“I am excited to see this class being offered to students. I believe that it is important to broaden our communication skills in learning a new language,”  said Sophomore Rachel Lightner whom traveled abroad to Spain last semester. “I have found learning a new language to be enriching in my own life.”

Originally from Argentina Carolina is at SNC under the Fulbright Foreign Exchange Program, which also hosts, students from France and Brazil. Fulbright is a student program offering teaching, studying and research opportunities to graduate students in over 140 countries. The program is a network of 1,600 volunteer advisers on campuses nationwide to recruit students and teachers for the program.

“I want to fulfill my requirement as a Fulbright student which is to teach our languages and share our cultures,” said Carolina. Carolina has been teaching English in Argentina for 10 years and has a double major in english and education.

The Fulbright program is new to SNC’s curriculum this year. It is the first Foreign Language Teaching Assistants Program with SNC,  and allows the students two free classes for enrichment purposes and gives graduates from all over the world, experience with teaching and studying.   

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Flyer for SNC’s Spanish speaking club