Staff Editorial: New Year, New Beginnings

The Eagle’s Eye would like to formally welcome all the new and returning students and faculty to the 2015 fall semester. We here at the Eagle’s Eye are excited for what’s in store this year.

After tumultuous years with past leadership, the new president of the school, Dr. Alan Walker, is the fresh start Sierra Nevada College desperately needs during some major growing pains.

There are several different concerns we would like to see addressed, but the number one issue is communication between students, staff and the board of trustees. Several issues from last year could have been avoided fully if better communication existed between all three parties.  

More open forums, more places for comment, a column by the president and prompt responses to announcements for future plans are just several ways our small community can avoid negative situations.

Sierra Nevada College is an athletic student body. New sports teams, including soccer, cross-country and golf have all been added to the roster this year. SNC is becoming a contender in the world of college sports.  The student body should continue to support these teams, and show their Eagle pride at every game.

We here at the Eagle’s Eye are also going through many new changes. The Associated Collegiate Press awarded a First Class rating to our school newspaper this summer. This year we are working to get as close to perfection as we can. We plan to improve our photography, diversify our coverage and utilize social media and our website to make a stronger publication.

We have a variety of ideas, but we need your help. Reporters and editors write the stories, but the college community provides inspiration and material. If you know a story that needs to be told, let us know.

If you have great photos from an event, send them to us. If you agree or disagree with something you see written in the paper, write us back. If you see things missing from the paper that would make it a better publication, tell us.

We will continue to seek the truth, tell the story and keep the school informed. The Eagle’s Eye represents you, and we cannot fairly represent your voice without feedback. In order to provide a paper and publication that fairly represents the student body, we need your voice.