Staff Editorial: Interrupting a ‘Social Environment’

To move forward with the semester we have to spend more time in the library. Midterms are at the end of the week and we are starting to think about classes for the spring semester. For these reasons, having the library open adequate hours of the day is crucial. What’s more, is that students respect this space for what it is: a work environment.

In the last issue we published, one of our front-page stories was an article addressing the noise issue in the Prim Library. After hearing from multiple students on campus who feel that Prim is more of a “social environment” than a space to study, readers were offered with the opportunity to find a new library.

“An alternative for students who are more concerned about noise is the Incline Public Library, located in 845 Alder Ave. It is quieter, less crowded and offers a great variety of books. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.,” wrote Staff Reporter Francesca Curtolo.

Although Francesca was more articulate than to use the word chaos, we are happy to be blunt and say that Prim Library is chaotic. We’ve probably had quieter nights at the Village Pub.

On Thursday, Sept. 17, when this article was published, we were happy to see the headline floating around campus in the hands of students and faculty. Maybe reading this will wake all of us up to the problem at hand.  

It was a nice thought, and probably every journalist’s dream is that a community will read their article and want to make a change. It was a pretty “loud” awakening, no pun intended, as we sat in Prim and heard a student read the headline, “Library or social environment.” He laughed, and continued to laugh as he passed the newspaper on to three other students. “Definitely a social environment,” he said.

Two weeks have gone by, but there hasn’t been much of a shift in Prim.  We write this editorial in hopes to persuade students to put themselves in the shoes of people who have work to do; people who give a damn about school.

Before we end this, we will add that a major part of this problem is the lack of hours that the library is open. Monday – Thursday the hours are great. However, on Friday students are locked out after 5 p.m., Saturday doors close at 4 p.m. and Sunday doors are locked until noon.

Perhaps by increasing the hours the doors are open, we will have more opportunities to get our work done, rather than compacting most of us to one space Monday – Thursday.