Student Profile: Dylan Hagan


Name: Dylan Hagan

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Entrepreneurship and Ski Business Management

Hometown: Glenwood Springs, Colorado


Hailing from Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Dylan Hagan is an avid mountain biker and skier who’s made SNC Tahoe his home because of the unique opportunities associated with life in Tahoe.


How did you find SNC?

I saw an advertisement in a skiing magazine named Powder and investigated further.


What’s the best part about being from Glenwood Springs, Colorado?

Located in the central colorado rockies, it offers a great environment for outdoor junkies like myself.

I appreciate being from a small town and enjoy the area around Glenwood Springs.

Growing up I had the chance to work with a local small business and is what I value most from living in Glenwood Springs.

I worked as a ski-builder for local ski manufacturer, Meier Skis.  Also, the amount of local hot springs in the area is pretty cool.


When you have a free day, what do you like to do?

I really like mountain biking, skiing, fly fishing  and I enjoy riding my dirt bike.

In the summer I would go for a nice bike ride that would probably take a couple hours.

Then I’d go home, relax and repair whatever was broken on my bikes. I’d end the day by floating down the river in a raft and fly fishing.

In the winter, I wake up early to get good pow laps at Squaw or Alpine, depending on where I think the lines are going to be. After skiing I just hang out and grill some food, then do it all again the next day.


What has been the biggest difference you’ve noticed about living in Tahoe?

Having a body of water this large and never previously living next to a large body of water.

California people are funny in the way they talk and some of the slang they use, it makes me feel “un-cultured”.

Also, the lack of snow.

Somebody told me it snowed here but I haven’t seen it. (only kidding…I’ve seen pictures!)


Were there any other schools you were thinking about attending? If so, why SNC?

I was definitely thinking about going to Montana State in Bozeman. They have a really cool ski area named Bridger Bowl. It’s just a really big school and I wanted to go to a small school. I knew that I wanted to get out of Colorado but no other schools looked interesting, so I chose SNC.


Do you prefer the winter or the summer?

You know, I’m definitely equal. In the summer there’s more to do, so I’d say I prefer the summer because the days are longer. You just can’t beat days skiing in the winter though. Winter just kind of becomes all about skiing.


What is your favorite resort to ski at and why?

I’d probably say Snowmass Mountain in Colorado. It’s my favorite place because they have the best of everything; from really good big mountain terrain, to a great terrain park. It’s diverse and has a lot for everybody. Also it’s never really that crowded.


What do you want to do after you graduate school?

I want to buy a Toyota Dolphin, which is a Toyota truck that’s already built into an RV. I also want to drive around parts of the country that has snow, and parts of canada with my bikes and skis and adventure around for as long as I financially can. Then I’ll get a job and go back to Colorado.


What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen on an adventure in Colorado?

I have to think about this one. I ride my dirt bike near this wilderness area called the “flat tops.” It’s this portion of the mountains that I live in that are quite hard to access by foot or car.

Once you get up there it’s a flat top area of mountain that’s around 11,000 feet elevation . It’s a high mountain area with crazy rock formations that are on an area of rolling rock hills that are around 11,500 feet at the top.

There’s a lot of shallow high mountain lakes up there that dot the area. I like it because from my house I can ride my dirt bike up these 4-­wheel drive trails right to stupendous views and trophy fly fishing opportunities.