First Annual ODAL Symposium Showcases Students Adventures

A number of the students on the Sierra Nevada College campus go on incredible adventures either through the Outdoor Adventure Leadership (ODAL) program, through events run by the Sierra Nevada College staff or ad_odalventures they create on their own. While the ODAL program is a vastly popular program on campus, some students and the community have no idea just the kinds of adventures these students take on.

On April 15, five ODAL students presented their adventure stories in the first ever Outdoor Leadership symposium held at SNC. ODAL Program Director Rosie Hackett welcomed the audience with a short opening introduction.

“We want to know what you (the students) have been doing. We do some pretty cool trips in ODAL, but you all do even radder adventures on your own,” said Hackett. “This is our opportunity to have our students showcase what they have done.”

Junior Stephen Van Den Hoogen, Senior Casey Gordon and Senior April Agranoff, Senior Carl Wernhoff and Senior Erica Nelson were the featured presenters. Their adventures included skiing in Alaska, backpacking in Argentina, the journey of working as a raft guide, internships in rock climbing and fly-fishing and lessons from getting lost in Alaska.

Senior and ODAL student Scout Sorcic was approached by Hackett and ODAL instructor Daryl Teittinen about creating a symposium while she was preparing her own presentation for a conference over winter break.

“I took on th_ODALpatagonia1e marketing (Koozies and stickers and flyers) and finding speakers while Rosie took on all of the school event request paperwork.” Said Sorcic.

The ODAL students have never been given a platform in the past to talk about their adventures. These presentations were both a way to show-off the activities students have been doing and to bring the department closer together.

“Many people see ODAL 101 and 201 and don’t really know where to go from there on their own,” said Sorcic. “This shows what students can do and also brings the entire ODAL tribe together to put names to faces for newer students.”

With the success of this event, plans for the next symposium are currently aiming for either fall or spring.