Diamond Peak to close Sunday, March 29

The view of Lake Tahoe from the Crystal Ridge run at Diamond Peak.
The view of Lake Tahoe from the Crystal Ridge run at Diamond Peak.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort will be closing Sunday, March 29, joining other Tahoe resorts shuttered due to the drought.

The resort announced the closing on Facebook, but even earlier this week, spokesperson for Diamond Peak were expecting to close in April.

Normally, Diamond Peak closes on April 12.

“That’s traditionally our date, we follow the same closing date every year. Traditionally, we close about the second week of April,” said Jaclyn Ream, marketing coordinator.

Sugar Bowl, Sierra at Tahoe, and Homewood ski resorts are closed for the season.

The resort has sustained itself due to snow making.

“We put money into snow making systems. In a season like this, that’s pretty beneficial,” said Jonathon Jansen, administrative clerk.

The resort currently has about 24-36 inches of snow, and has roughly 11/31 ski trails open. The current open runs are Crystal Ridge, Great Flume, Sunnyside, Penguin, Ridge Run, Lower Showoff, Popular, Lodge Pole, and School Yard.

“Overall, the conditions are still really fun. I would recommend people to layer up because it has been cold in the morning, and then it warms you in the afternoons, you may need to shed some layers,” said Ream.

The resort has had roughly the same number of visitors as last season, with an only 4 percent drop.

“Last year was a drought year. Tough to put a finger on (the reason why they only had a 4 percent business drop),” Jansen said.

“Business is very well, we’re seeing a similar trend as we saw last year. From the business perspective, we’re actually making budget revenues, so we’re doing very well. We’re right on track with what we were doing last year. Conditions are great, I was actually out skiing on Tuesday, and for a beginner, conditions are excellent. It’s groomed skiing, and the snow is soft,” said Jansen.