Student showcase in Garage Door Gallery: Flor Widmar

Staff Reporter Flor Widmar, Bachelor of Fine Arts major will hold her BFA Showcase from 5-7 p.m. this Friday in the Garage Door Gallery, with an artist lecture at 5:30 p.m. in the Holman Arts Center room 203.

Her installation titled,  “Devoción de Abuela” translated to Devotion to Grandmother, is focused on being functional and sculptural.

Her primary medium is ceramics, but she also works with wood and metal. Her showcase will include an artist talk, three interactive pieces and her recent work “dealing with the devotion of rituals.”

“My conceptual aspect of my work is dealing with dealing with domestic rituals,” said Widmar.

She has worked on incorporating different aspects of her life into her artwork.

“With the rituals of my faith, rituals of making an art and the rituals that were passed down generation to generation through my family, it’s really important to me to engage the viewer and bring other people to interact with my work,” said Widmar.  “To bring it to other people instead of it being solely dependent on my ideas and rituals I’m interested in seeing what other people do with these rituals.”

The Garage Door gallery will be displaying various sculptural pieces that contain her ceramics work. She designed some of her pieces to communicate with people.

“There are going to be three pieces that are interactive. So I’ll have a component of ceramics where people are coming and whispering their thoughts and things they need to get rid of into a cup, then releasing the cup and breaking it. It’s kind of the same concept as going into the confessional,” said Widmar.

Flor is very connected to her artwork and now providing the opportunity for others to connect with it as well.

“There is another component, the arc, that I’m calling right now, you walk into this arc and there are little chalices, your walking in with a little piece of paper so it’s the idea of lighting a candle for someone,” said Widmar. “You’re going into the arc concentrating on someone that has passed, with that little tab of paper you are concentrating and telling that tab ‘I miss you, I love you, I wish you could be here with me at this moment, I wish you could help me with the things I need help with’.”

This showcase will offer some unique and interesting components. The interactive pieces will provide a personal relation to the pieces and the ability to see the artist’s relation with the piece.

FLOR WIDMAR stands inside one of her pieces, the arc, for her BFA show.

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