Student Profile: Liu Yuelvxuan (Luka)

Age: 21

Major: Accounting/Marketing

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Shanghai


Moving to a new country can be difficult and scary at first. Luka knows this first hand. But on top of that, coming over to take classes from English speaking teachers is certainly a difficult challenge. But that did not stop Luka from coming to Sierra Nevada College to pursue his goals.

What made you decide to attend SNC?

Well first, I have many friends that came to SNC from China and my professor in China told me to come here because of the great accounting program at this school.

Did you have any other school choices before making SNC your final choice?

I looked at a couple of other schools, but SNC was the one that stood out to me as a top choice.

How long have you been in the US for?

I have been in the US for five months.

How have you liked it so far?

I like it.

What was one of the reasons you liked the idea of Tahoe?

I wanted to try skiing. I have never done it before. In China, there is not much snow for skiing.

Why did you decide on becoming an accounting major?

Because in China, I chose this major and I am very interested in accounting.

Will you go back to China to work as an accountant or try to find work here in the States?

I will probably go back to China to work.

Besides the language barrier, what other differences/challenges have you faced transitioning over to the states?

Really the most difficult thing is the language. English is very difficult for me because China does not have a great English program. For example, instead of saying “An apple”, in Chinese you would just say “Apple”.

When you are not in class or studying, what do you do in your spare time?

I like to play basketball and sometimes I play video games with my friends. I really enjoy basketball, though.

Did you play on a team in China?

I did, I played on the school team for two years.

Are you planning on doing anymore traveling in the states while you are here?

I have already visited both Seattle and New York.

What did you like about New York?

New York is famous, have many businesses and great shopping malls.

What are some life goals you have for yourself?

My first focus is to get my masters degree in marketing at SNC and then I will go back to China and look for a job so I can help support my family.