Student Profile: Mihaela Kosi

Age: 20

Year: Freshman

Major: Environmental Science and Ecology

Hometown: Maribor, Slovenia

Mihaela Kosi left her home country Slovenia, to pursue her passion for ski racing. She is a new member of the SNC ski team and is expecting to improve her results this upcoming season. She has been a competitive ski racer her whole life and hasn’t really had time for school the past couple of years. Coming to SNC has given her a chance to study Environmental Science and Ecology as well as ski competitively.

What made you decide to leave Slovenia and move all the way to Lake Tahoe?

I came to Lake Tahoe because of skiing. Our Slovenian National Team was cutting their budget and it would’ve cost a lot of money for me and my family if I continued racing on the Slovenian National Team. This was also a good option for me because of the opportunity to ski competitively and study at the same time.

Do you see a big difference between the two countries?

Yes of course, people in the U.S. are more polite and Friendly. Back home in Slovenia, people don’t really make small talk and they don’t really come off as friendly.

What about education?

I think that going to school here in Lake Tahoe is definitely easier than back home. Because of skiing, I was always traveling the whole year and I would never be at school. Instead of attending classes i would be studying alone and only showing up to school for exams.

Why did you choose to study Environmental Science and Ecology?

Back home I was studying math, but here at SNC they don’t offer it as a major. I don’t like economics at all and I am not really interested in psychology or art either, so environmental science and ecology became my number one choice. So far it has been a good choice even though i have to study a lot.

You are part of the Sierra Nevada College Ski Team, how do you like it so far?

It’s been great so far, everyone’s very welcoming and nice in the team. We just came back from our first camp in Mt. Hood, it was my first time skiing in the U.S. The conditions were pretty rough, a lot of rocks and dirt, otherwise we got some good days on skis that will hopefully prepare us for the upcoming season.

What do you expect from the upcoming season?

It’s my first year in the U.S. so at the moment I don’t really know what to expect. Obviously I want to improve my FIS (International Ski Federation) points and help the team at the USCSA national championships this year. I trained like a maniac this summer so I hope I will improve my skiing during the season. I will do my very best and hopefully it will be enough.

Are you homesick at all?

I was very homesick at the beginning. I was never really dreaming about coming to the U.S. and study at a college, and my decision to move here was so quick i feel like I’m still processing it.

It is hard to Skype with my family and friends back home and not be able to see them as often as I used to back in Slovenia. But now that we have started to travel and train more with the team I am not as homesick as I was before. Like i said earlier, it’s a huge change to move from Slovenia to the U.S. but I will get used to it eventually.

Are you happy with your decision to move to Lake Tahoe?

For now I am happy with my decision. I love the nature, it is so beautiful. I still miss home everyday and it will take some time for me to get used to all this. But I love skiing and thats why I am here, so hopefully we will get some snow soon.


By: Johanna Tikkanen