Movie premiere hosted at Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema

By Danny Kern


Let it be known that this is neither your traditional snowboard/ski film nor traditional movie premiere.ART_GBPremiere_13

At 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 8, the Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema theater showed a handful of different movies that were all “connected in someway,” according to Sierra Nevada College Sophomore Lucas ‘Maddog’ Angier.

“It was a perfect co-lab, to be able to mix skiers and snowboarders that are both out there just for the same love, doing the same thing, was really inspiring,” Angier said.

The movies shown were “Keynote Skier”, showcasing Phil ‘B-Dog’, Casabon and friends, “Road to Zion”, featuring Henrik Harlaut, Tanner Hall and friends and last but not least the Green Bandit Productions(GBP) full length movie “Gratitude”, featuring all of the Gremlins crew.

The Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema will continue showing ski and snowboard films along with the World Series and other movies.

Each movie was unique in its own way. “Keynote Skier” focused on only one athlete, Casabon, and showcased street riding along with backcountry lines and butters. “Road to Zion” was a compilation of doubles and triples performed by Harlaut and Hall in the backcountry and off of massive park features. The GBP movie “Gratitude”, was one of a kind. It showcased the travels of the one and only bio-diesel run Gremlin’s bus in a creative documentary format.

“The movie is different every year because Zach edits it different every year which is cool,” Senior Jeremy Landi said.

Zach Leftner, also known as ‘The Kid’, is the producer of all GBP productions.

“We wouldn’t have “Gratitude” or any of the Gremlins videos with out ‘The Kid’, much respect goes out to that guy, he’s like my older brother,” Angier said.

This premier was unique for a few reasons. There was a balanced mixture of snowboarding and skiing shown as entertainment, and all of the movies were mainly accompanied with Rastafarian reggae tunes, giving them a very “laid-back, inspiring, feel-good vibe,” said SNC alumni Keenan Cawley.

“It was a success, a lot of people came out. I was pretty hyped to see the other two movies that I hadn’t seen before and for everyone to be able to see “Gratitude” on a big screen in a movie theater, which was just amazing,” Angier said.

This was the first premiere of “Gratitude”, but the 17th premiere stop of “Keynote Skier” and “Road to Zion.”

“The turnout to the first premier was really good. We didn’t get to hype it up as much as a ‘just Gremlins premier’, but it was cool ‘cause Tanner Hall is going to do a lot for the movie next year and Inspired Media is going to help us go to Canada,” Landi said.

Most of the GBP crew was able to make appearances at the premier but some of the main Gremlins were not able to attend.

“It was sad not to have Zach there and not to have Niko there, and a bunch of the old Vermont friends,” Landi said.

“Gratitude” will also premiere on the East coast later this winter as well as in Europe.

“There will definitely be an East coast premier out in Vermont probably over winter break, and I know that a lot of the guys are going to Europe in November, so there will be a premiere in Germany and some other places in Europe,” Landi said. “I feel like the East coast premiere is the real premiere because it brings us back to our roots.”

Seeing the combination of these ski movies along with the traveling and snowboarding done by the Gremlins is only the beginning to what is to come in the future. Hall’s production group, Inspired Media, is planning to co-lab with the Gremlins to create a new movie this coming season called “Gremlinspired”.

“We’re going to show the world that the two sports can be together. It doesn’t matter if you got two boards on or if you got one, it’s all the same love, just having fun, getting out there with your friends and just making it all look good,” Angier said.