Poetry Center Opens in Prim Library

JUNIOR LOGAN GARRISON reads from the new Poetry Center in Prim Library.

 After nine months of development, Sierra Nevada College will be opening its Poetry Center on Friday, March 28.

To celebrate the opening of the Poetry Center, SNC will host a reading by poets Juan Felipe Herrera, as well as Jane Hirshfield. Herrera was educated at Stanford University and is best known for his poetic works “Senegal Taxi” and “Half of the World in Light.”  Jane Hirshfield is an award-winning poet whose most famous works include “Alaya,” “The October Palace” and more. The celebration will take place from 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the Poetry Center, which is located in the middle of the Prim Library’s first floor.

“The Poetry Center brings a wealth of contemporary poetry collections to the college and community, and serves as a place where literature lovers throughout the area can have access. Also, the opening events featuring Juan Felipe Herrera and Jane Hirshfield provide an amazing opportunity for us to listen to and interact with very prestigious poets,” said June Saraceno, English program chair at SNC.

According to Librarylogan Director Betts Markle, SNC has been planning to install the Poetry Center since June 2013 and hopes to increase the number of poets that visit the school to do readings.  The school received a $48,750 grant to establish the Poetry Center.

“As library director I have the ability to write grants for projects to the Nevada State Library and Archives,” said Markle. “The grant application was submitted in December of 2012 with implementation beginning in June 2013.  The grant request specified funding for equipment, consult, library materials, supplies and bringing poets to campus for the 2013-2014 year.”

Dean of Students Will Hoida has been spreading word about the Poetry Center to help it gain popularity and will be including student poetry events in his weekly email updates.

 By Keifer Bly