Letter from Sierra Nevada College mascot, Eli


Hello Sierra Nevada College,

For every event that I am invited to I spend a few minutes deciding what outfit would show how dedicated I am to being Sierra Nevada College’s mascot.

I have never spoken about what an Eagle does when not attending events. I was a bit shy at the pep rally when asked to speak; I get a bit nervous when put on the spot like that. I would like to congratulate the Ski and Snowboard teams on all of their accomplishments this year.

I did enjoy showing school spirit by performing the Harlem Shake with the ski and snowboard teams, and students that hung out to support them.

When I’m not attending an event I spend my days flying around Lake Tahoe and visiting all the beautiful sites. One of my favorite places to view the lake from is the top of Diamond Peak. Thunderbird lodge is another favorite because it has such a neat history. Who could forget South Lake Tahoe, there’s always something going on for everyone. When I want to enjoy the lake in a quiet spot I head over to Emerald Bay.

Good luck on midterms SNC! Enjoy your spring break and have lots of memorable adventures.

Look for me at future events, hopefully I’ll be able to fly in and join SNC students in having fun.

Your Mascot,