The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture ICP inaugurated this weekend a new art gallery at its headquarters in the Antiguo Asilo de Beneficencia in Old San Juan

The La Sede Gallery opens its doors with the Legacy Showcase exhibition which includes the most outstanding works from the National Art Collection with pieces from the 16th century to the present

With this new gallery and exhibition the public will be able to rediscover and appreciate the heritage of our most important plastic artists who despite being from different generations show great similarities in the themes and concerns they address in their work said Carlos Ruiz executive director of the ICP who emphasizes that this new gallery will not replace the National Gallery of Puerto Rico

For us at the ICP the dissemination of artistic heritage will continue to be a priority which we can carry out through projects like these The opening of this new gallery is the first step towards the vision we have to give a greater meaning to the mission of the ICP with a transformation of our headquarters into a space for consumption and cultural management he added

Legacy Showcase has more than 100 works by masters and masters of Puerto Rican visual arts which are part of the National Collection of Puerto Rico Some of the most emblematic pieces that the public will be able to appreciate in this exhibition are Gobernador Don Miguel Antonio de Ustariz by José Campeche y Jordán Escenario by Antonio Martorell Goyita by Rafael Tufiño El Artificiero by Rafael Trelles Forest by Olga Albizu Mangle in the Salinas by Myrna Báez among others Likewise new works that are part of the Collection will be exhibited such as 1797 by Daniel Lind AbraPaisaje by Dhara Rivera Homage to Oller by Toni Hambleton San María Rafael Patron of Diabetics by Eric Saunders Malavé From the Blindfolded Performance Series by Awilda Sterling Duprey among others

Showcase exhibition of which 150000 were destined for the acquisition of 50 new works that are integrated into the National Collection of Puerto Rico In this way the artistic heritage and heritage of Puerto Rico is updated The research and curatorial work of Muestra Legado was carried out by the artist and curator of the Caguas Museum of Art Elsa María Meléndez Torres and by Linda Sánchez Pintor artist and director of the Departments of Sculpture and Painting of the School of Arts Plastics and Design of San Juan

Of the more than 100 pieces that make up the Legacy Show the public will also be able to contemplate 50 works by 34 artists who enter the National Collection with this project These pieces are key in the exhibition as they create links dialogues and bridges between movements and disciplines which amplify the heterogeneous character that distinguishes the collection We feel honored to have the trust of the artists who welcomed us during the pandemic to talk about their work and career which resulted in the largest acquisition of ICP in the last almost two decades explained María Del Mar Caragol director of the ICP Plastic Arts and Collections Program.

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