The Office of Delegates supported this Wednesday (9) the Draft Regulative Declaration 365/22, by appointee Danilo Strength which suspends two goals of the Public Electric Energy on taxes for the utilization of the framework. transmission of the conveyance framework. The proposition will be shipped off the Senate.

As per the creator, the adjustment of the estimation of these levies by Aneel is unsafe to drive plants in the North and Upper east, particularly wind ranches goals lay out a progress until 2028 for generators in these locales to pay more to utilize transmission lines to discard the power created.

Aneel expects to apply the new strategy in the 2023/2024 duty cycle, in which 90% of the estimation will follow the past expense bookkeeping and 10% will follow the new computation, which considers the closeness of energy utilization according to energy utilization. locale where it is created. At every rate cycle, there will be an increment of 10 focuses until the generators pay the full rate as indicated by the new computation.

For delegate Danilo Specialty, this change builds the expenses of generators and energizes venture movement from the North and Upper east toward the South and Southeast of the country. “By doing this, Aneel changes the framework for extending the country’s power age and goes past its privileges, empowering the local portion of interests in the South and Southeast, moving position and pay from the most unfortunate to the most extravagant districts” , he said.

“We have sun powered energy parks being introduced in São Gonçalo do Amarante and Jaguaratama, in the territory of Ceará, and speculation reserves have previously requested the suspension of ventures. There are in excess of 5 thousand positions that will be suspended. For a breeze energy project, it is something like eight to a decade, and we can’t have a yearly transmission duty survey that carries vulnerability to the venture”, said Danilo Specialty.

As per Aneel, in any case, the choice of the university means to address what the organization considers “a bending confirmed as of late after the beginning of activity of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant and different generators in the North and Upper east districts”.

The contention is that these districts have changed from energy merchants to exporters, requesting more noteworthy utilization of the transmission framework. The new computations would stay away from the “cross-appropriation and favor the improvement of the extension of the transmission framework and the activity of the interconnected framework”.

Against the matter, delegate Paulo Ganime (Novo-RJ) said that the Lawmaking body decided on the proposition simply because “it was against the choice of the organization, which took on the standards inside its attributions”. For his purposes, the endorsement of the task will wind up making the power bill more costly.

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