Carlos Costa, previous legislative leader of Banco de Portugal, affirmed this Tuesday that the state leader reached him to safeguard the place of finance manager Isabel dos Santos at BIC and that now, on the day he reported that he would sue him, the head of government himself sent him a SMS affirming that equivalent contact so he wouldn’t eliminate the financial specialist.

The previous lead representative affirmed that António Costa called him on his mobile phone to say that one can’t “treat the girl of the leader of a cordial nation gravely”, as expressed in the book introduced this Tuesday by columnist Luís Rosa.

The Top state leader, António Costa, has previously declared, at the entry to the new gathering of the Political Board of the PS, that he will sue the previous legislative leader of Banco de Portugal for culpable his honor, later, in the book, Mário’s ancestor Centeno revealed that he was compelled in 2016 by the head of government not to eliminate Isabel dos Santos from the BIC organization.

“I affirm that the State leader reached me on my phone on April 12 in the evening”, underlined the previous lead representative, demanding that the contact was made subsequent to meeting with the Angolan financial specialist to safeguard her situation. at that financial establishment.

Moreover, Carlos Costa ensured this Tuesday that the top of the Public authority, when he reported a cycle for culpable his honor, sent him a SMS in which he “perceives” that he reached him “to convey the wrongness of the evacuation of Isabel dos Santos “.

“This week, around the same time that he reported a claim, the Top state leader sent me a composed message in which he recognizes that he reached me to pass on to me the unseemliness of the evacuation of specialist Isabel dos Santos. state leader to affirm the endeavor of political ability to impede the Bank of Portugal”, surefire in Lisbon the ancestor of Mário Centeno, at the introduction of the book.

António Costa made an impression on the previous lead representative 90 minutes after the pre-distribution of a part of the book “O Governador”. SMS affirms that the top state leader settled on a decision to Carlos Costa about Isabel dos Santos, believing her takeoff from the BIC to be “unseemly”.

In the SMS, Costa denied having said that the girl of the leader of a well disposed nation couldn’t be dealt with severely, however affirms that he assembled Carlos Costa after a conference in which the Bank of Portugal needed to eliminate Isabel dos Santos.

In the interim, the leader of the Social Monetary Chamber, the communist Francisco Assis, supported the way that he had abandoned introducing the book on previous lead representative Carlos Costa so as not to be deciphered as antagonism against the state leader.

“It was anything but a wonderful choice, however it was the one that forced itself on my soul. I have an involved acquaintance according to a political perspective with António Costa and I comprehended that it was my obligation to forgo taking part in a demonstration in which my presence would unavoidably be deciphered as a sign of individual antagonism towards him”, he supported.

Previous PSD president Marques Mendes safeguarded that the Public Examiner’s Office open a criminal examination concerning the manner by which Banif was sold and requested public clarifications from António Costa about the case including Isabel dos Santos.

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