The French painter Pierre Soulages known for his paintings in infinite shades of black has died this Wednesday at the age of 102, as announced by his friend Alfred president of the museum that bears his name in the city of Rodez It is sad news I just spoke with his widow Colette Soulages explained.

Pierre paintings are gigantic black spots that constitute indecipherable mysteries After a path marked by initial incomprehension towards his dark abstraction, the painter was the most sought-after French artist The price of his works increased by nearly 500 in recent decades.

Reaching some of his paintings to be valued at three million euros In 2009 his great retrospective at the Pompidou became the most visited contemporary art exhibition in the history of the center and managed to seduce half a million visitors.

In an interview with in 2014, he spoke like this about his passage to posterity. I don’t like that word at all. The only thing that matters to me is the painting that I will paint tomorrow. In recent years, several retrospectives have been.

On the one hand, they fill me with pride. but on the other they make me unhappy They force me to look back which is something I have never liked What I like is to look at the present and dream of what I will do tomorrow That is my deepest nature The day I stop feeling that I will consider that I’m dead

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