Emilie Lamoureux:Tiramisu and skiing too

Name: Emilie  Lamoureux

Year: Freshmen

Age: 19

Hometown: Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Major: Double majoring in Finance Economics and Entrepreneurship

Why SNC?

It wasn’t suppose to be SNC but I found it on the Internet and contacted Bronco. He later offered me a scholarship to be on the ski team.

How was the adjustment from Canada to Tahoe?

I grew up in a small touristy town, close to ski resorts. The transition wasn’t hard for me.

How long have you been ski racing?

I have been racing since I was five years old, and just fell in love with it.

What is your craziest ski story?

A downtown race in Lake Louise, Alberta. My maximum speed was 126 kilometers per hour. It was super crazy and fast. We were fore-running for the World Cup.

Did you go to Colorado to race recently? How was your trip?

Yes, it was fun to compete against National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competitors. Great competition.

What events do you do?

Giant Slalom and Slalom

Food of choice before a race?

Honey Bunches of Oats

Favorite dessert?

White Tiramisu

Are you superstitious when it comes to your races?

No, but I do knock on wood occasionally.

Do you still find yourself saying “eh?”


If you had the opportunity to quit school and become a professional skier, would you? 

No, I had that opportunity once. I wasn’t in school for a few years where I was just skiing and racing. I got over that and decided to come to school. I am here now and plan on finishing.

What’s your biggest secret?

I like to put Canadian maple syrup on a lot of things.

How was your experience at Nationals? 

It was really good.  It was really different from normal races because we raced together as a team, and that’s what was different because normally we race individually. This time was a different kind of pressure because everyone wanted everyone else to do well, because our scores were together as a team. At one point I felt like I had all the pressure on me in the world because I had to do good in order for us to win. Our work paid off because we won!

How did you do individually?

On the Giant Slalom I fell the first run, so I had to hike up to the gate and I got 55th. The second run I came sixth, so it gave me a total of 28th, which isn’t too good, but my second run was a lot better than my first. In Slalom I came in fourth, it was a really good race.