Local artist RYNo focusing on newest projects


Courtesy photo

RYNo’s gears turn as he ponders new ideas. RYNo is always creating new art whether it be for Volcom, Red Bull, or his latest project, the Hive Collection.

Melissa Ledezma, Reporter

Ryan Bahlman, better known as RYNo, is a local artist in Incline Village. Being born and raised in Incline Village, it is fitting that his newest project The Hive Collection is also in Incline Village.

RYNo has been creating art his whole life. His mother is an artist and he grew up receiving art supplies as a gift for every special occasion. Since his passion for art began at such an early age, he got his first big gig in the eighth grade when Volcom reached out to him.

“With no intentions of it, I would just send them my art and I just got a box of clothes from Volcom one day with all of my art on it and it was super cool,” RYNo said.

RYNo has been collaborating with Volcom ever since that day, almost 30 years ago. His art is frequently used for Volcom’s clothing and products. Other opportunities sprouted from this, including designing snowboard graphics and collaborating with Red Bull. His collaborations consist of him creating art for companies to use.

RYNo’s art is also displayed throughout many restaurants and stores, including Alibi, where his art is in all three restaurant locations. Even though he has much love for the town he grew up in, his art did not always reside in Incline Village. His higher education years were spent in San Francisco and Denver.

But he found his way back to Incline Village and is now based here again. The Hive Collection is his current project and location. It is a collaborative art space that he shares with other artists, and also serves as his studio and showroom, where his art can be viewed and purchased.

RYNo recently started to create clothing that can be found at The Hive Collection and on his website rynoart.com.

“I started clothing a couple years ago. It’s all drop shipped through L.A., but I design all of the clothing then a place in L.A. makes it for me. Women’s leggings, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and all sorts of stuff like that,” the 43-year-old said.

RYNo continues to grow his success as new opportunities reach him. The Hive Collective is located at 893 Tanager St. in Incline Village. Visit online at thehiveclctv.com.