SNU fall sports canceled because of Covid

Kathryn Ryan, Editor

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic Sierra Nevada University has cancelled all fall sports games and practices until further notice, with tentative hopes of rescheduling them for the spring. However, winter and spring sports are scheduled to proceed as normal. Fall tournaments for spring season sports, like golf, have been cancelled with no plans for rescheduling.

Athletics at SNU have a different set of rules this season due to COVID-19, with new regulations and requirements being implemented during practices and games. There is to be minimal contact during practice and games, and opposing teams must maintain a distance of 6 feet between members at all times. Some sports may even require masks during games depending on the level of contact between opposing team members.

Golf team member Xanna Peddersen says practices this fall are still going on but they look very different. The location changes every day depending on what course has enough available capacity. During practices, masks are encouraged. During future tournaments, they may be required.

SNU had no problem maintaining its recruits for most sports, even during these unprecedented times, according to athletic director Christian DeLeon. He said this is the biggest alpine ski and snowboard team the school has had in many years. He says this is probably due to the teams’ recent successes.

Most of SNU’s athletic teams maintained their recruits, the only exception being the men’s soccer team where a few players opted to defer a year.

With the status of COVID and related regulations constantly changing, there is no guarantee for future events to occur. Coaches, teammates, and officials are constantly waiting for real-time updates on whether or not it is safe to move forward with games, meets, and tournaments.