Staying active during quarantine

These poses were shown in a video on Instagram by a professional trainer, Cristina Capron. If you want to learn more about her workouts check out her Instagram @cristinacapron

Kyra Kliman, Editor

Sierra Nevada University in Lake Tahoe is an outdoor mecca attracting students who are outdoor enthusiasts. While gyms and recreational areas are closed students, usual workout routines have changed.

The transition from regular workouts at the gym to creating personal workouts at home has been an adjustment for students.

“In the beginning, I was not very motivated as I was moving all over the place trying to get into a routine for online classes,” SNU senior Emily Noel said.

Jenna Culley is a senior at SNU and is a lifeguard at the recreation center in Incline Village. When Culley is at work, she uses the gym to work out during her breaks. “Since work is closed, it’s been harder to work out as often,” Culley said.

For the two athletic seniors, not being able to work out would be very frustrating.

“Working out helps me to be more stress-free during a time of so much uncertainty,” Noel said.

When Noel and Culley figured out their specific workout routines, their motivation rose.

“I follow people on Instagram for their workout routines,” Emily Noel said. “They’re accounts inspire me to have a healthier lifestyle.”

Culley focuses on home workouts, running outside, and follows physical therapists for stretching and strengthening techniques on Instagram.

Culley is open to expanding her workout routines. “I’m interested in trying workouts by people I do follow who happen to post them,” Culley said. “I haven’t tried any yet, but I’m taking tips and probably will complete one soon.”

Some students like sophomore Malia Kellerman have specific goals toward their workout routines due to past injuries.

“Most of the workouts I do I got from prior soccer training and knee rehab,” Kellerman said. “Occasionally, I’ll find a YouTube video that I’ll watch and find some new exercises, but I mostly stick with the ones I already know.”

“I have actually been working out more than I ever have before because I am so motivated to use this time to make myself healthier and stronger,” Noel said.

While people have more time on their hands, they can focus on their physical health and mental health.