SNU seniors’ dreams put on hold

Kyra Kliman, Editor

After four years of working hard in college, the traditional graduation celebrations and post-graduation plans for many seniors at Sierra Nevada University have been canceled due to the COVID-19 virus.

“Graduating in the midst of a pandemic is surely going to be more difficult than it would be any other year,” senior Cole Lyon said.”The job market will probably be much tighter, travel will be put on hold, and student loans will still exist.”

Before the pandemic, seniors would slowly transition from college life into a career or travel after graduation. Due to the virus, SNU senior Emily Noel was thrown into adult life quicker than expected.

“My plans have changed, after graduation, I moved out of Tahoe much sooner than expected and will end up wherever I can get a job at this point, rather than being able to choose my job and location,” she said.

Senior Kelly Sharpe planned to be a rafting guide in the summer to improve her guiding skills and travel to Patagonia, Chile, to work and backpack.

“I have no idea what I am doing because it’s impossible to plan anything right now,” she said. “There are a lot of injustices, broken systems, and chaos in the world right now. It’s a scary time to graduate and become a part of the real world.”

Noel believes this is a massive lesson to everyone, not only college graduates, to never take anything for granted and always be as prepared.

“People don’t think about preparing for an economic crisis, and that’s why people are acting the way they are now,” Noel said. “It is always important to have a backup plan, and even better to be prepared for the worse.”

Despite the uncertainty, “The economy cannot stay closed forever as that could cause an economic catastrophe,” SNU senior Cole Lyon said. “We should be using this time to prepare better to enter the job market.”

“I am uneasy, but I also see this lack of uncertainty as an opportunity for the class of 2020 to be more resilient and willing to make changes in the world,” Sharpe said.