New gym launches in David Hall

Miranda Jacobson, Reporter

This week the new gym at Sierra Nevada University opened to all students. The gym features a variety of equipment focused around weight training, as well as a few cardio machines. On Jan. 21, an undergraduate-wide email went out notifying students that to be able to use the gym, they are required to take a one-credit class with a one-time fee of $50 in order to learn how the equipment works and be able to use the gym safely.

“Having safety is huge. Having people know how to use the facility is huge. It’s a good, solid way to make sure everyone knows the rules,” explained athletic trainer and adjunct professor Jordawn Jones. Jones has been putting in work from the beginning, starting with using her rehab equipment, and finally getting to a fully equipped gym. She was able to have staff, as well as athletes, come work out with her until the CFO, Dr. Steven Crow, was able to help her move forward with the gym.

“It was those little workouts that was able to get us to this,” Jones said about the gym.

While anyone can understand the importance of safety on campus, especially with heavy equipment, some students question whether the class is worth it if they have to pay a fee on top of the fees they already pay to SGA. But Jones thinks it’s completely worth it.

“We could put it up online and say, ‘Sign this after you’ve read it,’ but did they really? Who knows?”

Jones explained that the fee goes to many things, including paying for light bills, paying for the space to be cleaned regularly, and having to replace equipment, if needed.

Sophomore Sheldon Philip, who enjoys a run by the lake or working out in his room, expressed his own reservations.

“I think the new gym is exciting, but unexciting we have to pay for it,” he said.

Other students like Philip are hesitant to pay for the class, given they already purchased High Altitude passes. For $100 at the beginning of the fall semester, students are able to purchase a membership to High Altitude that lasts the entire school year. High Altitude has more equipment and other amenities, such as an indoor climbing facility.

“Not everything is available to us,” said freshman Devon Dyer. Dyer is a player on the lacrosse team, and has already had the chance to use the new gym. “It seems random. You can get a full body workout, but it’s not the same as other gyms.”

But Jones is confident that if more students begin to use the gym, the school will be able to expand its health and fitness aspects, and eventually gain more in the field, including a larger gymnasium, more equipment, and classes focused on health.

“This is a stepping stone in hoping to prove to the donors, and the board, and everyone that runs that school, that these students want this, and we have people who can help make it happen,” she said.