Drink Coffee Do Stuff takes over former I.V. Coffee Lab location


Photo Courtesy of Drink Coffee Do Stuff

Drink Coffee Do Stuff is owned and operated by Nick and Laura Visconti. Nick is a former professional snowboarder. The grand opening party is Dec. 14, from 5-7 p.m.

Malia Kellerman, Reporter

Dec. 6 saw the reopening of Incline Village’s favorite local coffee shop, only now it looks a little different. After six months of planning, the help of exceptionally hard-working individuals, and many hours of figuring out the details, Drink Coffee Do Stuff, a coffee company founded by ex-professional snowboarder, Nick Visconti, took over the Incline Village institution– and longtime Sierra Nevada College student hangout I.V. Coffee Lab.

Visconti first came up with the idea of his creation, DCDS, when working in Switzerland as a professional snowboarder. While traveling around the continents, Visconti noticed a common theme. There were always barriers between the travelers and the locals – cultural, language, cuisine, etc. However, there was always one thing that seemed to unite the differences.

“It was coffee,” Visconti said. “No matter where we went there was always coffee. We could have something in common no matter where we were or who we met.”

Through these adventures Visconti and his buddies had a routine. Drink coffee, then go do stuff, whether that be snowboarding, trail running, hiking, and other outdoorsy activities. This was the start of Visconti’s vision, and now just two years later, Drink Coffee Do Stuff has become a successful company, opening its first retail café at the former I.V. Coffee Lab location.

Matt and Ally Thralls, the founders of I.V. Coffee Lab, have spent the last seven years building Incline’s premiere independent coffee shop, a place for the people of Incline Village to gather, drink coffee, and socialize, a true center for tourists and locals alike. The Thralls were ready for the change.

“A year ago, Ally and I started to think we’ve taken this as far as we can and we need some- one with a bigger vision,” Matt Thralls said.

“Ally and I need to spend more time with family, our kid is a sophomore already, so it’s just time to move on.”

The Thralls, however, are by no means walking away from it. They’ve both made it clear they will still be involved. If they aren’t working there, you will see them hanging out and socializing. They like to think of the transition as more of a rebirth than a buyout.

“I wouldn’t just let someone buy me out. I want someone with the same heart as us and a desire to serve the community. Nick’s more of a businessman than I am but he still has the heart to serve the community,” Matt Thrall said. “I wouldn’t hand it over to just anyone.”

The remodeling consists of a new look – new merch, new experience, etc. There will also be a new menu which will be a simplified drink menu and expanded food menu. However, amongst all this change, one thing will stay the same, the employees, which include Sierra Nevada College junior Drake Fiske.

Fiske has worked at I.V. since April. Fiske would grab a coffee basically every morning and he quickly became friends with Matt Thralls, who eventually offered him a job. Through the months Fiske has become very close with the Thralls and all his coworkers. He’s been able to meet countless locals and in turn feels much more connected to the community.

As with any transition, it can be difficult sometimes.

“It’s going to be really different, like any change is, and that’s a little concerning but that’s normal,” Fiske says. “But, I love working there and I could go into work not feeling good and leave happy so I just hope things will stay the same in that regard I’m almost positive they will.”

Along with being incredibly involved with the community as a whole, I.V. has been involved with SNC to quite an extent. They’ve sponsored events in the past such as barbecues and have also provided student discounts and gift cards. In the future, DCDS is looking to get involved with SNC’s ski and snowboard programs, along with the SNC Freeride Club, mixing their passion for the outdoors to support similar programs SNC has to offer.

DCDS is also going to be offering a local “season pass” like a ski resort pass, offering a solid stack of discounts, including free choice of alternative milks for locals.

From a brand perspective, DCDS is excited to share the stoke they have for drinking coffee and doing cool stuff. Their roastery, located in Truckee at 6,000 feet, provides coffee drinkers with a unique flavor of coffee that will “activate, caffeinate, and keep people killin’ it outdoors,” says Visconti.