Pinal-Gonzalez’s art reflects military experience


Kayla Heidenreich

Chris Lanier’s daughter high fives Rick Parsons.

Kayla Heidenreich, Reporter

It’s a Thursday night and to most Sierra Nevada College students that means
the start of the weekend, but not at the Holman Arts building. Here, the building is scattered with students, faculty and community members all gathered to support SNC senior Adrian Pinal- Gonzalez. Pinal-Gonzalez is showcasing his final project to complete his bachelor’s in fine arts in order to graduate after this semester. This final project is known as an “art thesis” and requires the student to hold a solo show documenting their culmination of all of their studies and artistic work.

Pinal-Gonzalez’s main concentration is in 3-D practices, which is just one of many different concentrations the art program offers. Within the 3-D art, Pinal-Gonzalez showcased his military related theme in a very interactive way.

“It is basically my experiences and stories throughout my six years in the army,” Pinal-Gonzalez said. “It also focuses on influences throughout my life.”

The showcase of his work was very interactive, allowing people to come in and not only admire his art, but also understand more about who he is. With 10 different pieces of art filling the room, students and community members chatting and others documenting the event, the art building is flourishing.

“The community of the art department here is amazing,” SNC 2-D associate professor Mary Kenny said. “It is a small school so everyone experiences some sort of hands-on experience, we are learning by doing and through that we are teaching each other new things.”

SNC’s art department focuses on helping integrate students with their surrounding community and possible employers. SNC invites in famous artists and photographers to come share in class to help students gain connections and gain a clearer idea of what their future may end up looking like. This month Ming T. Poon, a famous photographer, came and not only presented his work for the photography class, but also made connections with students and helped personally answer questions. Many other influential guests have come to SNC and Kenny said she is looking forward for more to come and be a part of SNC’s art department community.