Maye Musk to speak at Tahoe Forum

Most people are familiar with entrepreneur, visionary and space pioneer Elon Musk, but his mother Maye Musk has her own success story, including a successful career in the health and wellness industries, as well as a top fashion model.

Musk will speak at the Siebens-Binz SNC Tahoe Forum on the Sierra Nevada College campus on Oct. 5.

Musk will share the story of her successful career as an entrepreneur in the nutrition industry, and the life of a parent of three high-profile, successful entrepreneurs. Every year Tahoe Forum invites guest speakers from all over the world who are leaders in entrepreneurship and have positively impacted society, while they share their insights with the community.

The Forum is a free public event. RVPS are required to access the event and to alleviate overcrowding. The Forum will be held on the Paterson Lawn in a canopy at 2 p.m., and the projected attendance is 900.

There will be an additional speaker reception held at a private residence in Lake Tahoe at 4:30 pm. Limited to seventy-five guests, thoughtfully selected, the list includes; SNC honor students, school officials, community leaders, and close college supporters, creating a mixture of entrepreneurs and philanthropic ventures.

Online reservations will be available later this year.