Staff profile: Mike Golds

SNC’s mailman always delivers... smiles


Photo credit: Olaf Martinez

Sierra Nevada College mailman, Mike Golds, sorts new packages in mailroom

The warmth of a cup of tea has begun to lightly fog up the room’s large windows as the winter sky begins to lay a blanket of snow on the Sierra Nevada. With the tapping sound of the keyboard, and incessant clicking of the mouse, Mike Golds ensures the day’s mail gets delivered to the right Sierra Nevada College students and staff.

A welcoming “Hello” and smile are received as the occasional student or delivery-person steps foot into the Prim Library’s mailroom.

“I get up in the morning and get to the mailroom,” Golds said. “Then I ask myself, ‘What am I going to do today to make this place (the mailroom) better?’ What am I going to do to show the best of what I am doing?’ Even if it’s just the mailroom.”

Golds describes his job as the SNC mailman as not small or big, but rather a job that should be done at the best of one’s abilities – a demonstration of his work ethic. The ethic that built and opened the doors to his many life adventures and memories.

“You don’t go into a job and not do it because you may think you’re not winning enough,” he said. “You get up, come in, and say ‘Let’s do this.’ Do the best you can, and you put your best effort. I’ve always been a firm believer in having a strong work ethic.”

This may be Golds’ first year as a mailman, but he has done much more for SNC over the years.

Golds started at the college as a ski coach in 1990 and later on, with the help of his friend Ben Solomon (president of SNC at time), became director of student housing, director of alumni relations, chairman of the scholarship committee, and intermural sports coach. Golds took on these jobs within his first six months.

The ski coaching may not have gone as he wanted but after working for three years in such a vast variety of important position at SNC, Golds joined the software business with a couple of colleagues in 1993. He traveled the world and demonstrating his mastery in consulting with their business, S.W.I.F.T. Net, a banking communication network.

“We used to be all over,” he said. “Our software was in about 56 countries. I used to give presentations and consultations. From presentations in the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, to most of Latin America. This allowed me to visit Machu Pichu while I conducted some presentations in Lima, Peru.”

Golds is fluent in French, German, Dutch, and understands Spanish. He likes to think of his life as fortunate, as he was able to expand his horizons in world’s cultures and ways of life.

That work ethic started when he first left London at the age of 19, embarking on a ski vacation to Switzerland. When he returned, the mountains called to him. “I just knew I had to go back,” he said.

“I lived in Switzerland for 20 years,” he said. “I worked the mountain as part of the avalanche rescue team and then I became certified as a ski instructor.”

Despite the achievements and recognition Golds receive while both on the Switzerland alpines and while traveling the globe with his software business, he says he is most proud of his family. Seeing his family grow up in Lake Tahoe and having his children pursue their dreams as he once did, brings joy to his life.

After living in Incline for more than 28 years, Golds plans to say goodbye to Tahoe and to live in Costa Rica or Spain.

“Considering that I am almost 70,” he said. “There is still something to come.”

“You’ve got to try and enjoy life. You’re never going to know when it’s over,” he said.

“That is why you need to leave your hometown. Travel with an open mind and heart. You need to open your horizon.”