Student Q&A: Margaret Galloway

Ohio native and Reiki instructor enjoys college in Tahoe


Photo courtesy: Maggie Galloway

Freshman Margaret “Maggie” Galloway enjoys yoga and snowboarding

Maggie Galloway, an enthusiastic snowboarder and yoga teacher, is a freshman at SNC. Maggie is enjoying her new perspective on life here in the Sierras, and all of the new people she surrounds herself with.

How did you end up at SNC?

I was riding at my local ski resort, Alpine Valley in Cleveland, and I saw a small poster for Sierra Nevada College. When I got home I got on my computer and did some research on it. I found out that it was ranked one of the best colleges to attend if you are a ski bum, so I came out and visited. When I came there was so much snow and huge mountains and I just fell in love with it. It wasn’t what I was used to being from a flat hill, so the new scenery was insane to me.

Why do you want to major in marketing?

I think that the concept of social media marketing is cool. I am also trying to work towards a double-major in digital media. I have been super interested in filming and editing things ever since I was younger. I think it would be cool to put those two together, and market for companies in cool, new, ways.

What do you do in your spare time?

I snowboard, do yoga, go to the gym, hangout with my pals, and hit the whip. I also really like going out every night I can to the lake and watching the sunset with friends.

What is your experience with yoga?

I started doing yoga when I was about 12 years old for conditioning for my club volleyball team. After that, my mom and I got super into it and we would go to our local studio all the time together. There was this one teacher who really inspired and spoke to me and her teaching was more spiritual rather than just the act of doing yoga. She inspired me to teach so I could pass good vibes onto other people like she had done for me. Through everything yoga has always been there for me, so when I graduated high school, I went to get my 200-hour yoga teaching certificate and a Reiki certificate.

Tell me more about Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique that revolves around the transfer of energy. I really enjoy doing it on other people because it makes me feel good to make them feel good about themselves.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about this school?

My favorite thing is all my good friends who are all different in different ways, but are all still the same. Everyone here is very like-minded and enjoys doing cool and active things. I also love the mountains and the distance to the closest ski resort. The fact I can make some turns in the morning, go to the gym, go to class and then go hit Boreal at night is the coolest thing to me. My least favorite thing about the school is definitely the food options and some of the dorm policies.

What are some positives and negatives of a small school?

Some positives are that this place draws in really adventure-oriented types of people, so everyone here is pretty cool and share the same interests. A negative would be that sometimes there is a lack of excitement. You see the same people everyday, but at the same time, they are all your friends so it doesn’t really matter.

How do you get through your school day?

Being able to be active throughout my day and in between my classes really helps me get through the school week. Doing yoga, snowboarding and going to the gym really helps.

Do you currently have a job?

I work at Inclined Burgers. I just started there about two weeks ago. It’s a new restaurant, it’s only about two months old, but its already pretty popular. I really like working there because all my coworkers are super funny, I get tipped out really well, the food is super good.

Where do you see yourself after college?

I really want to own my own yoga studio and get involved with marketing for other companies. My dream job would be to be able to travel around the world and teach yoga. The ability to be able to go teach mountainside yoga in British Columbia and then go teach yoga on a beach in Greece is very appealing to me.

What is a weird trait about you?

I guess I would say that my weird trait is that I am super short. That’s all people make jokes about and everyone calls me either a little muffin or a chicken nugget. I would also consider myself a little bit of a spaz. Like currently I am moonwalking on the ceiling of this bed while answering these questions.