Power-out season is approaching

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Winter is coming! Since this isn’t the Game of Thrones era, we can all agree that we rely on technology to get through our day. Technology requires power, and power is a hot commodity. Incline Village faces many power outages throughout the year, however they appear to increase in frequency during the winter.

NV Energy offers a list of common power outage causes, including: car accidents where transformers are hit, tree limbs and branches being knocked over by wind, snow, or ice, and extremely cold weather where the grid is overloaded by demand for electric heaters.

Statistically, data provided by Washoe County Sheriff’s Office states that there were as many as 800 car accidents in the state of Nevada because of unsafe driving behaviors in wet and snowy conditions last year. This puts Incline Village at higher risk of car accidents due to snow.

Members of the Incline Village community are no newbies when it comes to power outages. There’s a Facebook group for the residences of Incline Village, and they are quick to report when a power outage happens, and share their thoughts about them as well.

When asked via Facebook how many power outages residence believe happen in any given year, many responses were opinionated, with quotes like “How many? Too many!” or “Can’t count that high.”

Although residents can’t proactively prevent power outages, especially if caused by weather, there are a few things they can do to prepare for the inevitable. Here’s a list of staples for power out season:

Power Banks/Portable Chargers: have at least three, charged and ready. Chances are you’ll be using your phone to keep up with NV Energy updates on when the power will be restored, or binge-watching internet videos.

Ready-to-eat foods: Unfortunately, no, your microwave will not work during a power outage. But you can still eat plenty of protein bars, saltine crackers, or whatever other carb-ridden snacks you can find.

When the power is out, that can mean the heater is out. With chilly Incline winters, it is important to stay warm. Curling up under a large blanket while binging on snacks and battery powered screen time will be a perfect way to keep cozy despite the inclement weather.

Flashlight/headlamp: Every Tahoe resident most likely has one or two headlamps laying around. Make sure to check the batteries are working. Also, make sure that your flashlights and headlamps are easily accessible. Nothing is worse than trying to dig through a backpack in the dark.

Battery operated clock/radio: The grind doesn’t always stop when the power is out. Your boss still might have you come in, and if all three of your portable chargers are dead, and so is your phone, then a battery operated clock will ensure you can get out of bed at a reasonable time.

NV Energy has a complete list of how to prepare for a power outage, as well what to do when the power goes out. You can find this on their site, NVEnergy.com. Navigate to the “Outages & Emergencies Tab,” and select “Outage Preparation Tips.”

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