MHMM Productions: A new up-and-coming media company

MHMM Productions, a film and editing company started by Juniors Nick Cahill and Trevor B. Jackson has grown rapidly since it in Summer 2011.

Started by two students with similar interests in digital arts, MHMM Productions, not an acronym but the affirmative sound, is a collaborative project that has began to turn into a legitimate company.

“Trevor and I met in our Design class at Sierra Nevada College and quickly realized we both shared similar interests, the main one being our passion for filming and producing video works,” said co-founder of MHMM Productions Nick Cahill. “A huge motivator for us starting MHMM productions was a desire to bring unique cinematography, a higher production value and an overall higher quality of web-based marketing videos.”

Prior to the establishment of MHMM Productions, both Cahill and Jackson had worked separately on their own personal film making and editing. However, there was very little subject matter compared to what they have been working with lately.

Upon starting MHMM Productions, Cahill and Jackson partnered with Status Snowboards and music artist Elm and Oak to make their first snowboard video. Shortly after, Cahill and Jackson worked again with Status Snowboards as well as Mammoth Mountain to create a second video.

Upon recognition of their first two videos, Cahill and Jackson partnered up with, an auto import website, to make their third film.

Stepping away from snowboarding, their third video is a marketing film for the website. was very satisfied with Cahill’s and Jackson’s work.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Nick Cahill and Trevor Jackson from MHMM Productions this year,” said race car owner, and founder of Tuner Playground, Tom Tang.

Tuner Playground prides itself on forming constructive partnerships with talented, driven individuals who have a lot of creative vision.

“We feel MHMM brings exactly all of that to the table on each and every project that we do together,” said Tang.

Cahill and Jackson’s efforts landed them another shoot for the website in the near future.

“We have been hired for another video in the end of April to shoot the same time attack race car for our partners over at Following our first teaser video of Tunerplaygrounds time attack Honda s2000, the team has acquired a new sponsorship by GoPro,” said Jackson. “We will be shooting at Buttonwillow Raceway for their first official GoPro sponsored video. Keep an eye out on for the final product.”

Aside from their recent partnership with, Cahill and Jackson have been contacted by Heckler and Tahoe Snowboard Magazine for numerous editing and film jobs as well. Unfortunately, due to their school and work schedules they have been unable to take advantage of these opportunities.

Having already worked with people from diverse fields such as Mammoth Mountain, CV Sports, Shred Soles, Local Knits, and with future engagements planned with Volcom and GoPro, Cahill and Jackson look forward to the growth of their venture.

“Obviously we would love for MHMM Productions to be a full-time job right now. Unfortunately school and work have an extreme priority over filming. Although we would love to spend all of our time growing our business, we can only allow the time left in between our obligations,” said Cahill. “With the limited time we can spend with MHMM Productions, we just want to continue to put out videos of the highest quality on a pretty consistent basis until we can turn this into a full-time endeavor. In the meantime we are currently growing our contacts, sponsorships and partnerships with a variety of companies. We hope this will allow our company to be in full swing by the time we graduate.”

To see MHMM’s videos or check its updates, visit the website at or on Facebook.