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Post-Graduation: Time to get serious… or not?

Ryland West, Editor

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When I asked Sierra Nevada College senior Isaac Laredo what next month’s graduation meant for him I was met with silence. His eyebrows scrunched together, and he let out a sigh as he stared down at the table in contemplation.

He’s explained his career plans many times to me, and before he could take me through his meticulously thought-out timeline, I interjected. “What does graduation mean for your recreation time?” I asked, elaborating the question.

“Oh! I can’t wait to have more free time,” Laredo said, this time without a pause. “I’m going to have so much more time to climb on rocks and do more backcountry skiing, objectives that I have had in my mind but haven’t been able to execute due to extensive time responsibilities.”

Many students come to SNC for the abundance of outdoor activities. Senior Andre Chevalier transferred here from New York because he, “wanted to get outside, go skiing, and get those West Coast vibes.”

For these students, graduation means more than the next step towards a career: it signals the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in its entirety.
“I came here to play outside as much as possible and I think I’ve enjoyed Tahoe to its full potential, but graduation is going to free up a lot of time,” SNC senior Weston Park said. “During school I’m either in class or in the library doing homework. It’s hard to find time to be outside, and when I am outside I always have homework on the back of my mind.”

Park is planning a 10-day excursion on Oregon’s Rogue River following graduation in May.

Other’s, like Chevalier, say they are going to remain in Tahoe to soak up some summer sun and enjoy the lake as much as possible.

SNC alumni Dylan Hagan finished classes in December of 2017 and, despite working full time, has taken advantage of the post-graduation free time.
“I’ve been camping and sleeping in my truck more than ever and it’s winter time. It’s great,” he said.

Hagan believes the education he received at SNC enabled him to be an independent person and simultaneously participate in many outdoor activities.

“I’ve mostly been going out to Pyramid Lake to fish,” he said. “I’ll usually spend a night or two out there and then return to go skiing. I’ve also taken a few trips to Colorado and Utah that I would not have done if I was still in school. Now that I’m done with school, I truly feel free.”


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Post-Graduation: Time to get serious… or not?