Students sit-in at SNC

SNC students gather for sit-in addressing budget cuts and devaluation of liberal arts curriculum


Bekah Ashley

A student, protesting proposed budget cuts during spring semester, 2017, holds a sign supporting a liberal arts mission at SNC Tahoe in this file photo.

Bekah Ashley, Contributor


Sierra Nevada College students came together in solidarity to share what they value in a Liberal Arts education on May 8, 2017. One of the first protests at SNC, the idea was to raise awareness about budget cuts while asking school administration to consider what the students value in SNC’s Liberal Arts program moving forward.


After a series of budget cuts totaling $2.1 million during the last two years, we hope that the Sierra Nevada College board and administration recognize the importance of our cross-disciplinary programs and learning opportunities at SNC.


Although some of these smaller majors still exists in our catalogue (and may continue to for the next few years) as we decrease their budgets we put a strain on the quality of the program, and thereafter, enrollment numbers.
Here’s what the students had to say.

Video Credit: Kyly Clark (Filming and editing), Bekah Ashley (Editing)