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Student Q&A: Lillian Kuehneisen

Lillian Kuehneisen

Lillian Kuehneisen

Zoe Tuttle

Zoe Tuttle

Lillian Kuehneisen

Andre Chevalier, Contributor

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As a past member of the Future Farmers of America, “Big Red” Lillian Kuehneisen is an expert on goats and dairy products. Kuehneisen moved from the farmlands of California’s Central Valley to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada to attend SNC.

Age: 18

Year: Freshman

Major: English

Hometown: Galt, California

Why did you want to come to SNC? 

I came to SNC for their teaching program because a lot of the schools in California have large class sizes. I was looking for more of a one-on- one experience.

Do you know what you want to teach? 

Special education in either high school or middle school, and maybe even elementary.

How do you like SNC so far? 

I like it a lot. Dealing with snow is a little different for me. Being from central California, we don’t get a lot of snow, so I have to get adjusted to that.

What do you like to do for fun? 

I’m in the SGA, so I’ll do whatever student government has going on. But I also like to hang out with friends and sometimes go to the movies.

What’s your role in the SGA? 

I’m a senator, so I hang up different flyers like the Potty Press and posters to keep students updated with events.

Do you live in the dorms? 

Yeah, I live in Campbell, and I like it a lot. Campbell is really quiet and nice. I think I will stay in the dorms until I go to graduate school. By then I should be ready to live on my own.

What’s your favorite part of living in Tahoe? 

My favorite part is probably the lake and how close it is from campus.

What’s up with your nickname? 

I was known as “Big Red” during high school. My teachers used to call me that, and I was announced as “Big Red” at my graduation.

Do you see yourself as a country girl? 

Yes. I have animals at my house, and I competed in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) during high school, so I’ve been around a few manure piles.

Do you enter your animals in farm competitions? 

Yes, mainly dairy goats and market goats. Market goats are the kind that you eat while a dairy goat is the kind you can get milk from. During my junior year, my dairy goat won first place in the novice dairy goat competition at a county fair.

What’s it like to live around goats? 

My goats are great. They listen to me. They sleep in my house sometimes. I can talk to them and tell them “come here” and they do.

What else did you do in FFA? 

In my freshman year, I competed in speaking competitions, formally known as “Creed Speaking,” which is meant to develop the ability to communicate in a powerful, professional manner. I have also done floral judging which ranks different kinds of plants and flowers. It was cool. We had blue embroidered corduroy jackets with the FFA and our names on them. We would have to wear them at the competitions even if it was 110 degrees.

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Student Q&A: Lillian Kuehneisen