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Danny Kern, Staff Reporter

December 2

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What brought you to SNC? What is it that differentiates our student body? What encompasses the token SNC student? Truth be told, the average Sierra Nevada College student is not your average college student at all. We each found S...


September 11

Open mouth, insert foot: Utilizing the proper outlets

November 21

Filed under Staff Editorial

Does the availability of social media become a problem when voicing individual opinions and judgments? How soon is too soon to turn initial emotions into comments, which could be both misguided and clouded with misinformed conclusions?...

Advice for landing a job or five

January 31

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I’ve been told, “jobs just fall into your lap.” While the outer appearance of my constant acquisition of jobs may seem like I do nothing, that is highly untrue. I’m a mentor and tutor at Sierra Nevada College for my federal work-study...

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