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Get Involved with your Passions on Campus

Celine Holland, Contributor

September 15

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So now having a general concept of sustainability as a discipline, if you got a chance to read last week’s column, I take you forth to the concentration of societal sustainability. A concept which is constantly in my cravings fo...

Where are they now? Drew Fischer

Dave Wadleigh, Contributor

September 15

Filed under News, Student Profiles

Sierra Nevada College first opened its doors in 1969.  Since then thousands of students have passed through SNC, en route to diverse and numerous lives and Drew Fisher is one of these students. After taking time off and atten...

New Classes

Hannah Greene, Campus Editor

September 1

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One downfall of going to a smaller school is fewer classes being offered. Sierra Nevada College is working hard to reverse this stigma. With a rather extensive array of unique classes, nearly every department has something new to...

Will a dispensary promote youth use of marijuana?

Meghan Herbst, Managing Editor

May 14

Filed under News

With a nose ring and spiked blonde hair, River Coyote doesn’t fit the stereotype of a drug-free advocate, but she speaks passionately about abuse and the potential ills of marijuana use. Coyote is the founder and director of...

Fire district’s runs to SNC can cost big bucks

Johanna Tikkanen, Staff Reporter

May 12

Filed under News

During the 2015-16 school year, the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District was called to the Sierra Nevada College campus a total of 19 times, only to find neither fire nor immediate danger. The most common reason for the...

Violence displaces millions in the Middle East & Northern Africa

Nick Galantowicz, Asst. Managing Editor

May 12

Filed under News

For decades, economic and political influences in the Middle East Northern Africa (MENA) region has caused a migration trend unprecedented to anywhere else in the world. In 2014, estimates within the region calculated more than 60 mi...

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