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Dueling Views: Drones

April 7

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Jackson Heath - News Editor On April 1, eight protesters (six of them veterans) gathered out front of Creech Air force Base in Nevada. It is home to one of the many military-run lethal drone programs that have been used in parts of the Middle East such as Pakistan, Afgh...

Last US Bank Speaker Series

Hannah Greene, Staff Reporter

April 7

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President Alan Walker made a brief introduction welcoming staff, students and community members to another installment of the U.S. Bank speaker series. Speaker Jameson Stafford rose and immediately captivated the noisy room in th...

Border Control

Nicholas Galantowicz, Assisting Managing Editor

March 24

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In 1996, California was the first state to legally enact a medical marijuana program with the approval of Proposition 215, most commonly known as the Compassion Use Act, then augmented by Senate Bill 420.  The state of Nevada...

Getting full with an empty pocket

Hannah Greene, Staff Reporter

March 24

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"Incline Village has some hidden gems where getting filled up is attainable for the college student."

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Hunting Mountain Mushrooms

Terra Breeden, Staff Reporter

March 24

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With their spongy, brain-like appearance and mottled brown coloring, morels look more like a discarded bathroom loofah than a gourmet treat. However, these wild North American mushrooms are prized for their nutty, steak-like fla...

Spanish: Just speak it

Jamie Wanzek, News Editor

March 3

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  The act of learning a foreign language not only broadens one's dimensions of communication, it also strengthens listening skills and memory. According to the results of the Louisiana Report on foreign language “Stude...

Diamond Peak Rail Jam: One Fine Day

Bliss Summerstone, Staff Reporter

March 3

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Snowboarders were flipping over in the air on Friday, February 26 at Diamond Peak's Rail Jam competition, and the weather was a sunny warm 57 degrees.  Out of the hundred spectators a half dozen were seen wearing shorts and ...

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