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Kirkwood skiing native Alden Spence

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When he’s not taking numbers from gorgeous Tahoe women as a result of his drop dead all American smile and classy style, you can find Sierra Nevada College free skier Alden Spence launching off massive kickers or ripping down powdery pillow lines.

Spence, a Kirkwood native, was 13 years old when he got his start on skis.

“I had made some friends from middle school that were skiers and snowboarders, so that Christmas, I got my first pair of skis, some K2 Public Enemies. They were so awesome, terrible skis, but they had these little sketches of guys hiding around buildings with guns and full bank robber style face-masks as the graphic, so I was pretty into them. After that first season, I was pretty much hooked,” said Spence.

In high school, Spence was initially a ski racer. However, little time went by until Spence found himself in the park.

“Freshman year of high school I joined the ski club and we had races at Sierra at Tahoe and Kirkwood. I was pretty much the worst skier on the ski team and had no idea what I was doing. Eventually between races, I started wandering into the park and then quit the ski team ASAP,” said Spence.

After high school, Spence enrolled at University of Nevada, Reno. Location and friends played a huge role in Spence’s decision to eventually venture to SNC.


“I was at UNR my freshman and sophomore year, and during my sophomore year, went down to Mammoth for USCSA Regionals,” said Spence. “At that time, I had a bunch of Ramen and peanut butter in the back of my car and I called up SNC students Ian Daly and Danny Kern whom I knew through friends in Reno. They were nice enough to let me crash at their house, and I ended up taking first in slopestyle that week. After that, I decided I would rather be in Tahoe than in Reno. Having a lot of good friends at SNC and in Tahoe made the decision easy.”

Currently a junior, this is Spence’s first year on the SNC freestyle team. On March 5, in Sun Valley Idaho, Spence placed 10th overall in men’s Freestyle skiing at Nationals. SNC men’s freestyle team placed second overall in halfpipe.

“Nationals was great and I was able to meet up with some friends from other schools that I don’t see a lot,” said Spence.

Spence finds nothing to be more satisfying than doing a 360, or slashing powder with friends.

“Alden is a great skier with a good attitude, one of my favorite people to ride with any day,” said friend of Spence and SNC freeskier, Junior Jason Arens.


Skiing with friends, as Spence put it, beats any competition.

“Skiing with Alden is a true pleasure. Alden has a creative outlook infused with a simple joy for the sport. Whether it be fooling around or competing, Alden makes skiing even more enjoyable. Simply put he is the man,” said friend of Spence and SNC freeskier, Junior Kyle Murphy.

When he’s not taking names in the pipe, you can find Spence perfecting his latest tricks on the trampoline, or skating at the park with friends.

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Kirkwood skiing native Alden Spence