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Personal branding explained by a local expert

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Now is the time to start focusing on what you want to do as a career. There is nothing more important than personal branding according to Milena Regos, a marketing expert who held a talk about Personal Branding at 5:30 p.m. on March 27 at Sierra Nevada College.

personal branding“In the digital age our name is our only currency,” according to Dan Schawbel, a personal branding expert.

Social media is expanding in a similar way that the dot com era erupted, and this is now the time to jump on board.

Personal branding is when you make yourself and your career a marketed brand.

We have been labeled ‘Generation C’ and spend most of our time connected to our phones, tablets and computers. We learn what’s going on almost instantaneously because we are publishers in our own way, and market ourselves.

As we step into this new age as publishers, we need to take ourselves seriously and drill into our strengths.

“Google your name,” said Regos, who Googles all potential employees.

According to Regos, everyone should have a Gmail account, business cards and online or video resumes.

“People are going to Google you anyway,” said Regos.

The traditional resume, cover letter and references are old news and the world we are in today is creating individuals that are able to do a lot more.

“Buy your kids names now,” said Regos about getting both Gmail account and a domain name.

Even if you don’t think you’ll use a website or blog, you should buy a domain now because it is one of things you need in making a personal brand for yourself.

“I changed my Facebook name to my real name, and checked out the domain name thing,” said Junior Adam Garon.

Regos advised not to separate your personal and professional Facebook for a couple reasons. One reason is because it’s against Facebook rules. Second reason because it confuses your friends and connections that you’ve already made.

“After the second drink don’t touch your phone anymore,” said Regos.

It’s not hard to keep your personal life personal, as Regos suggested. We are all young adults that want jobs after graduation and we need to start marketing ourselves now.

“You need a job,” said Regos.

The social media sites that are out there will create those connections; LinkedIn is one that everyone who wants to be taken seriously should have.

Social media isn’t just for journalist or people that are in marketing this is for everyone. Now is the time to grow your network and create connections.

You never know the possibilities, says Regos.

You can contact Regos in any of the following of the ways, also if you missed her presentation or want to look at her slideshow again it can be found at this link,

Contacting Milena

Twitter: @milenaregos





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Personal branding explained by a local expert