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Sierra Nevada College Lacrosse Team in 2014

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Sierra Nevada College is in the process of adding America’s first and fastest growing sports lacrosse, to its unique offering of sports teams.

“We were looking for more activities to draw student
engagement, campus support and some opportunities to open up more recruiting avenues,” said Steve Berry, who is currently completing all the administrative tasks involved in creating a new sports team.

“On average, freshman SNC students are more involved with team sports in high school than students at other schools across the nation. We hope that by offering more team sports we will attract more students who want to go to school at SNC while still staying involved with athletics. Lacrosse makes sense, since it is one of the fastest growing sports on the West Coast,” said Executive Vice President and Provost, Shannon Beets.

Many centuries ago, lacrosse was created by Native Americans who played with wood, deerskin, or baked clay balls on courts one to 15 miles long.


According to, the sport is still referred to as “The Creator’s Game” by Native Americans, and was originally played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick and develop strong men. Lacrosse was adapted over multiple centuries by the French, Canadians, and eventually the United States to become the modern, standardized game that exists today.

“We have received a lot of inquiries from potential students regarding lacrosse, and we started investigating the sport,” said Berry, who has coached basketball at the collegiate level at Dickinson State University, and oversaw all athletic recruitment while he was at Kansas Wesleyan University.

“There’s a lot of planning, budgeting and paperwork that needs to be gathered and completed before any practices or competitions can begin,” said Berry. “That’s our big focus right now.”

Several current SNC students have shown interest in participating in the sport.

Sophomore Mitch Cotich said, “It would be cool to have another organized sport that’s not snow related. I’d definitely be down. I just shipped my stick out here today.”

“I played in high school,” said Freshman Matt Bradley. “It would be pretty cool to get back into it on the West Coast.”

Others seemed a bit more hesitant, not sure if it were going to be a club or a team.

“I would play if it was legit,” said Freshman Jake Roy.

Sierra Nevada College is in the process of finding coaches who can start recruiting to get the majority of the team on campus in the fall, the season will begin in Spring 2014.

As soon as a coach is on board, the college will make more announcements regarding try-outs and the number of available spots on the team. lacrosse teams generally have 25-30 members. SNC hopes to have both a men and women’s lacrosse team.

Any students interested in getting involved are encouraged to email Steve Berry at

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Sierra Nevada College Lacrosse Team in 2014