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Nick Anderson happily welcomes incoming SNC students

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AndersonSierra Nevada College is well known for the big impact it has on its students. Nick Anderson, a former student and now an admissions counselor at SNC, has felt this impact. 

“Sierra Nevada College affected me in such a positive way. I am more than happy to be able to give something back to the school by working with prospective students and sharing my experiences here with them,” said Anderson.

In 2008, Anderson made a life-changing decision and moved from the East Coast to explore the West. Not really sure what to expect, he arrived to Lake Tahoe in the fall.

“I was the first person in my family to actually leave the east coast. My whole family grew up on the same six blocks in Philadelphia. I pioneered the way for the Anderson family to move west, much like the early settlers of this region,” Anderson said. “Moving from a bigger city to live in a smaller village felt like the right thing to do.” 

Getting a liberal arts education and becoming totally immersed in the Lake Tahoe culture were the right combination for Anderson. 

“I instantly fell in love with the environment here and the activities it provided,” he said. “The close relationship I had with the professors at Sierra Nevada College was something new for me, and this made me cherish the small school environment. I made the most out of this place. It is a small society, but I took a chance of every advantage this school and community

Anderson served as student government vice president in 2008-2009 and student body president in 2009-2010. During his senior year, he joined the RA staff.  He graduated with a Business degree, but his time at SNC did not end.

“My time and experiences at Sierra Nevada College as a student were so enriching that I decided to accept a job offer I got from the college,” Anderson said. “Since I was active within the college community, it helped me to get noticed for employment as an Admissions Counselor.”

Anderson describes how he has the privilege to work with one of the greatest teams on campus. “I get to work every day with my fellow alumni–students that I actually went to college with and shared personal experinces with. I believe that is one reason why the staff team is so functional and successful.”

Lizzie Hernandez, director of student affairs at Sierra Nevada College, remembers when Nick Anderson first came to the

“It has been very nice to see Nick come in as a undergrad and excel during his time here,” she said. “Becoming the student body president and a member of the RA staff has certainly taught him leadership. The fact that Nick is choosing to stay to contribute to the school and community makes me very happy.”

Anderson works with international students, helping them with the enrollment process, which he says is like a natural extension of his college experience. “During my time as a student here, I became very good friends with many of the school’s international students. This has truly helped me to become more cultured, which is part of what college is all about.”

Anderson is a big fan of the college ski and snowboard team. Several of its members are international students and Anderson’s friends. He believes that the ski team at SNC is what a big football team is to a larger institution. 

Kabir Virk, a transfer student from London, highly values the support he has gotten from Anderson during his time at the college. “Nick is a prime example of what SNC is about. The direct, caring approach is what made me choose SNC over a larger university. I feel that people here care and Nick is someone who fits that bill,”
Virk said.

To Anderson, caring about students is all in a day’s work, and it’s work he enjoys. “As a student, this school has given me so much and really enriched my life. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to stay and help this college expand. Whether working in the school office, skiing in the wintertime, or lying on the beach during the summer, I will always have a place for Lake Tahoe in my heart.”

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The student news site of Sierra Nevada College
Nick Anderson happily welcomes incoming SNC students